Compulsory Civil Liability of Motor Vehicle Owner


1.     Motor vehicle users participating in traffic within Socialist Republic of Vietnam territory.

2.     Insurer permitted to implement compulsory civil liability insurance of motor vehicle users as per the law.

3.     Organizations and individuals related to implementation of compulsory civil liability insurance of motor vehicle users.


1. Non- contract loss of health, life and property damage caused by motor vehicles to third parties.

2. Loss of health, life caused by motor vehicles to passengers.


Limit of liability is the maximum amount that Phu Hung shall pay for loss of health, life and property of third parties and passengers caused by motor vehicles in each accident within scope of compensation for damage. In particular:

1. For a loss of health, life caused by motor vehicles: VND 150,000,000/1 person/1 accident.

2. For a loss of property caused by two-wheel motorcycles; three-wheel motorcycles; motorcycle (including electric motorcycles) and similar vehicles according to Law on Road Traffic: VND 50,000,000 VND/1 accident.

3. For a loss of property caused by automobiles; tractors; trailers or semi- trailers towed by automobiles, tractors; specialized motorbike according to Law on Road Traffic: VND 100,000,000/1 accident.


Phu Hung does not compensate in the following cases:

1. Damage done intentionally by motor vehicle users, motor vehicle operators or victims of the accidents.

2. Vehicle operators intentionally fleeing the scene after committing accidents without exercising civil responsibilities of motor vehicle users.

3. Operators who are not within adequate age range to operate motor vehicles as per road traffic laws; operators who do not carry legitimate, proper driving license (driving license with template number at the back inconsistent with the latest template number in information system for managing driving license) issued by competent authorities at the time of accidents or carry inappropriate driving license when operating motor vehicles which require specific driving license.  In case driving license of operators are revoked or suspended, the operators are considered to be not carrying driving license.

4. Damage that causes indirect consequences including: reduced commercial value, damage related to use and utilization of damaged assets.

5. Damage to assets caused by operators who have alcohol in breath or blood, or use narcotics or other prohibited stimulants as per the law.

6. Damage to assets which are lost or stolen as a result of the accidents.

7. Damage to special assets including: gold, silver, precious stones, financial instruments namely money, antiques, precious fine arts, and cadavers.

8. War, acts of terrorism, earthquake.


Premium of each type of motor vehicle is specified in Appendix I issued accordance with Circular No. 04/2021/TT-BTC dated 15/01/2021 of Ministry of Finance effect from 01/03/2021.

For motor vehicles permitted to purchase insurance with duration other than 1 year, insurance premiums shall be determined based on insurance premiums prescribed by Ministry of Finance and insurance duration. To be specific:

Payable insurance premiums


Annual insurance premiums by types of motor vehicles


Insurance duration (days)

365 (days)

In case insurance duration is 30 days or less, payable insurance premiums shall be determined by dividing annual insurance premiums by types of motor vehicle by 12 months.


1.  Practice vehicles

120% premium of same type vehicle.

2.  Taxies

170% premium of Automobiles for commercial transportation with same seat.

3.  Specialized vehicles

       ·         Ambulance is 120% premium of pickup for commercial transportation.

       ·         Money truck is 120% premium of automobile under 6 seats for Non-commercial transportation.

       ·         Other specialized vehicle having designed tonnage is 120% premium of Cargo truck having same tonnage.  Cases that not having designed tonnage is 120% premium of Cargo truck under 3 tons.

4.  Trailer-tractors

150% premium of Cargo trucks over 15 tons. The premium of trailer-tractors is the premium of both the tractor and the trailer.

5.  Specialized motorbikes, tractors

120% premium of Cargo trucks under 3 tons

6.  Buses

As premium of Automobiles not for commercial transportation with same seat


1. Immediately informing to Phu Hung to cooperate in resolving, treating, limiting further damage to health, life and property, and protecting accident scenes; immediately informing the nearest police authorities or local governments to cooperate in resolving the accidents as per the law and cooperate with authorities in investigating and verifying causes of accidents.

2. Refraining from moving, dismantling or repairing properties without consensus of Phu Hung; except for cases in which such activities are necessary to ensure safety, prevent damage to health, life and properties or according to request of competent agencies.

3. Within 05 working days from the date of the accident (except for force majeure), the vehicle owner should give written notice of the accident by written or electronic letter to Phu Hung.

4. Collecting and providing documents required under insurance claim dossiers within responsibilities of insurance buyers and insured person for Phu Hung.

5. Enabling Phu Hung to verify documents by the insurance buyers and insured person.


Decree No. 03-2021-ND-CP

Circular No. 04-2021-TT-BTC

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