E-voucher user manual



Processing details:

   Step 1. Select PAC's Store or E-voucher.

      On Livin, customers can select the icon of PAC or E-voucher. On each section can go directly to PAC's online sales page.

   Step 2. Switch to PAC's selling website.

      Customers will be transferred directly to PAC's Compulsory Motorcycle Liability Insurance field.

   Step 3. Key-in information as required by the website.

      Customer key-in all insurance information including motorbike information, motorbike owner and other relevant information as required.

   Step 4. In addition, customers will key-in the E-voucher's code to apply the premium deduction.

   Step 5. Information confirmation.

     The online selling website will summarize all relevant information entered including fees after deducting the E-voucher according to the value specified on it.

   Step 6. Customers “Tick” to confirm the information provided on the online selling website of PAC.

   Step 7. Premium payment through PAC gateways.

      After confirmation, customers will be redirected to the payment tab through PAC's affiliate portals (VNPay, Payoo, Momo).

   Step 8. Successful payment confirmation.

      After the successful payment, PAC system will send SMS confirmation to customer with the E-certificate and the link to search portal about insurance information.

    Step 9. Send E-certificate & E-invoice through Email.

      After successful payment, PAC's system will directly send these documents to customers via Email.