For sustainable development, the insurance companies need to be customer-centered, all activities must be customer oriented.

Recently, many insurance companies have split selling, underwriting, claim handling into separate parts like the advanced models of foreign organizations, but this model is not consistent with the practical conditions in Vietnam. Foreign non-life insurance companies sold primarily through agents and brokers with fixed terms, conditions and premiums. This approach will make claim handling department solve claim mechanically, emotionlessly, away from customers, causing selling department hard to renew the contract.

The customer care policy, premium reduction when clients renew contracts consecutive years, rewarding customers for many years of no losses, partial funding support for client for loss prevention activities, ex gratia payment (good faith payment) when loss is not under coverage are needed to build the traditional clients for insurance companies.

In addition, insurance companies need to increase their competitiveness in product differentiation, financial restructuring, financial investment, network distribution, governance model, and the decentralization model of the branch and the quality of human resources.

Furthermore, it is needed to build and public policy wordings, premium rates, the process of selling, surveying and claim handling customer service, receiving and handling customer information, claim dossier, fraud prevention and to increase internal audit to avoid overlapping duties and responsibilities of employees in the company or cause harassment, inconvenience to customers.