Physical Damage Insurance

PHYSICAL DAMAGE INSURANCE: is an essential insurance package to protect your beloved car, it helps you proactive financially and to have peace of mind to use the car. 

Benefits when participating Physical Damage Insurance:


1. Phu Hung takes responsibility to compensate the vehicle owner the physical damage caused by natural disaster, unexpected and unforeseen accidents as following cases:

1.1. Collision, impact (including collide to other objects even it is not vehicle), overturning, collapse, sunk, fall whole vehicle, other objects fall into;

1.2. Fire, explosion;

1.3. Force majeure due to natural disaster;

1.4. Loss of the entire vehicle due to theft, robbery.

2. Besides the above compensation amount, Phu Hung also reimburses for the vehicle owner the necessary and reasonable expenses to implement the instruction and requirement of Phu Hung when the loss happens (under coverage), including:

2.1. Expenses to prevent and minimize further loss;

2.2. Expenses to rescue and tow the damaged motor vehicle to the nearest garage.


1. Partial loss of motor vehicle by theft, robbery:

In case the vehicle's components are stolen or robbed, Phu Hung is responsible for settling the actual and reasonable cost to
replace the damaged part or paying by money for motor vehicle owner to compensate the loss under insurance coverage.

2. New replacement value (New for old):

Phu Hung will compensate the damaged parts which need to be replaced under insurance coverage without deducting the depreciation.

3. Approved repairers:

Phu Hung agrees to accept repair facilities (garages) selected by the vehicle owner at the time of signing the insurance policy.

4. Damage to engine when the vehicle operates in the flooded area (hydraulic shock):

Phu Hung will pay compensation for the cost of repairing, replacing the actual damage of engine caused by operating the vehicle in the flooded area or water enters the engine leading to hydraulic shock phenomenon.

5. Other additional benefits:

Please contact Phu Hung Assurance for more information.

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