Lloyd's Worldwide Bankers Insurance

Relevant Products

  • Theft Insurance

    Theft Insurance indemnifies any of the property whilst within the premises specified in the proposal shall be lost or damaged.

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    Money Insurance

    Money Insurance indemnifies the Insured against loss, destruction or damage of money due to robbery during transit by car in the custody of the Insured or his authorized representative within the territory of Vietnam.


    Money Insurance Application Form

    Money Insuran Wording (broadform)

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    Fidelity Insurance

    Fidelity Insurance indemnifies the Insured against loss of money or goods arising solely and directly from a deliberate act or acts of fraud or dishonesty.

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    Prize Indemnity Insurance: The Insurer will pay for the Insured the cost of the prize that the Insured has given to the winner as regulated in the Insurance Policy.

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