Senior HR Manager


Report to: General Director

Job requirements:

Minimum bachelor’s degree

Experience and knowledge of Human Resources Management

English fluency on 4 skills

Proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email

Excellent interpersonal & communication skills (both written and oral)

Excellent presentation skill

Ability to take initiative, flexible attitude

Ability to work independently, leadership abilities and team work spirits

Well verse with Vietnam Labor Law, Personal Income Tax Law, Mandatory Insurance Law

  • Honesty, confidential

Functions and responsibilities:

Implement all HR project requirements from General Director, BOM and/or Chairman.

To assure information in HRIS to be accurate and up to date.

Manage Labor Contract of the whole Company, assure that Labor Contracts to be followed as per Labor Code requirements and adhere to internal SOPs.

Setting up Job Description system for all Departmental staff, including the updates, amendment, supplementary to be the most appropriate in accordance with Company’s development.

Initiate the setting up employees’ Performance Assessment system (Behavioral, KPIs or Balance scorecard). Liaise and discuss with HODs to implement and adjust from time to time to assure the KPIs contribute to the success of the Company.

Build budget for HR headcount, HR staff’s cost and Company’s staff costs.

Managing, supervising, coaching, training and development of subordinates’ performance in daily works and long-term schedules.

Settlement of daily arising works and internal conflicting issues.

Setting up procedures, work instructions for management and supervision of subordinates’ performance and system compliance for HR Department.

Setting up SMART KPIs for all HR staffs and perform employees’ performance appraisal in accordance with company scoring system, rating and grading scale.

Setting up, amend and supplement of Company’s salary scale structure, C& B policies, Standard Operating Procedures to align with Company’s projects and adapt for Vietnamese Labor Code requirements.

Labor management in accordance with Company’s policies and local authorities’ regulations. Assure that any labor related reports to be submitted to local authorities on time.

Assure that insurance issues such as employee’s labor accident, health & accident insurance, SHUIs (social, healthcare/medical, unemployed insurance) for the whole Company to be taken care of.

Monitor the implementation and accuracy of payroll, sales commission and KPIs bonus process.

Manage labor issues relating to expat employees (such as work permit, appointment, repatriate v.v…)

Make salary, benefits, reward survey of competitors in market to enhance the competitive C&B policy on a yearly basis.

Co-operating with Accounting, Finance Department for employees’ monthly salary payments/remittance and periodic Personal Income Tax declaration, payments and tax liquidation.

Co-coordinating with Trade Union and relevant labor authorities for smooth settlement of all labor disputes, controversies and internal conflicts.

Holding and attending discipline meetings to handle violations of Company’s regulation and management systems.

Provide statistics of payroll, labor force monitor and general performances of subordinate staffs. Liaise with HODs for pulse of general performance of other Departments.

Setting up plans and schedules for recruitment as per requirement of BOM, in co-ordination with other Department Heads.

Build morale, motivation and good working environment. Build Company’s overall positive culture.

Coordinate with Admin Department and Trade Union to handle Company staff activities, supporting team work and organization’s unity.

Consults General Director, Board of Directors and/or Chairman any issues relating to Labor Code, and HR management issues.

Other ad hocs tasks assigned by General Director

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